Friday, November 13, 2009

M's Cafe

(From my poetry book, Wandering Places)

Single-level brownstone,
Flickering neon,
A shortage somewhere in the main line,
“That gives it character,” someone offers.
Gargantuan glass entry way for the
Larger-than-life night owls;
Big tippers, big spenders running up tabs
Into the next year, entitled to their own table,
Their names carved into the back of chairs;
Regulars, they have come to be known,
Receiving the special V.I.P. phone call
When some new act is in town.
It’s no exotico, but the music’s good.
Dimly lit booths are the perfect ambiance
For a sneaking glance or a lover’s dance.
Isn’t that what it’s all about--the romance?
Yeah, that’s exactly what it’s all about

—the romance…


Watcha You Thinkin About said...

The inner workings of your mind is just very interesting. This poem so defines so much and so little all at the same time. thinking about it reminds me of freedom I feel every time I just sit still and have time to myself, sure there will always be people around but this poem reminds me od seclusion and the romance I have with myself.

tsc0809 said...

Wow, that's a very interesting way of looking at it. A kind of "self-intimacy." That's what's great about poetry. It can invoke so many different feelings and present so many different meanings to different people. What inspired me to write this poem was my own experience at the M's Cafe in Baton Rouge, LA. It's where I met Randy. Needless to say, we've been inseparable ever since.

Watcha You Thinkin About said...

You are so very right, and that is one of the reason I have a passion for poetry because it's not meant to be seen as black and/or white. It is something that touches you in the way that you need it too, and then helps you to explain it to other. I love that fact that this poem has that deep of a meaning fo you. it helps me as one of your fans connect to you in a deeper way. And there you go another meaning to the poem, it connect lovers, it connection one to themselves, and it connects you to another peron in a more intimate way.

tsc0809 said...

Yes, I agree. Seriously, "self-intimacy" just gives it more layers. That had never crossed my mind, but as you've said, poetry does touch people differently depending on their state of being at the time of reading it.

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