Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cynthia Kessler Available for Pre-order

Happy to announce that Cynthia Kessler, book one of the Toy Obsession series, is now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. Grab your copy here:

To celebrate the upcoming release, I will be hosting a Facebook Live Pre-release Party on May 29th. Learn more here:

So, go ahead and grab your early copy and plan to attend the event!

Monday, May 22, 2017

My Review of "Salt"

SaltSalt by Nayyirah Waheed
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a unique perspective on prose, very much said in so few words. "Big things in small packages," as they say. "Salt" captures the essence of this adage and delivers deliberate verse and artistic expression, sometimes with no more than ten words. This is simply a refreshing take on poetry, very digestive. Highly recommend.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

You Should Listen to the Ones Who Know

Okay, so I'd hear this all of the time about how fast kids grow up, and  I believed this to be true. And now, looking at my own daughter at age 5, I know this to be true. Where did the time go? Where did my little tookie go? Where did all the bottle-feeding and diaper-changing and potty training and first-as-a-toddler moments go? One minute I'm holding a newborn and now this week I'm preparing to enroll her in kindergarten. Can you believe it?

I'm thinking that I'd better keep relishing in these moments of her growing up because they really do go by fast.

Official Website has a New Look

Happy to announce that my official website has gotten a refresh. Yes, that's right a new look! Check it out when you get a chance:

Marti Paperback Edition Soon Available on Amazon

Well, I finally did. I finally got around to setting up a paperback version of Marti through Amazon, and it will be available soon. Prior to this, you could only order a print copy through Just happy to expand my reach and give readers other options.

Keep checking on Amazon Author's Page for the paperback version:

And don't forget that Marti is available in ebook via several distributions channels:

Friday, April 15, 2016

Cynthia Kessler is Ready for Public Consumption!

I've finally completed the first installment in the Toy Obsession series. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Toy Obsession Book Trailer

For fun, since I've seen a few really good ones, I decided to try my hand at creating a book trailer for my wattpad story, Toy Obsession. It was really engaging trying to put the most intriguing images and video clips together as well as captions to give a glimpse into the story and capture the reader.

If you haven't, you can read the Toy Obsession here:

It's already #280/1000 on the Wattpad Hot List of Mystery Thrillers, and it's only been up since Feb 10. Anyway, send me a vote or two or comment, if you can. I'm trying to move up the list. You don't have to join Wattpad (if not already a member) to vote or comment, just log in with your twitter or facebook acct info.

The Trailer

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

As Beauty Speaks

One of the favorite poems that I've written. This is also featured in my published collection of poems, Wandering Places, as well as my debut novel, Marti.

 As Beauty Speaks

Before there was you,
I was afraid of the hour and of the hour’s end,
Afraid of the dust, afraid of the wind,
Afraid of the trees, afraid of the ocean,
Afraid of the sky, afraid of the evening,
Afraid of the sunset and of the sun’s rising.
Then beauty revealed to me
That which it whispered to the poet
And to the poet’s lover and to the lover’s keeper.
No longer do I toil with fear.
No longer do I reject my predecessors.
T’is written, “Better to have loved and lost…”
Atlas, I know love.
Perhaps I haven’t the most profound words to describe you.
Somehow I've misplaced my genius,
But this I know:
Whenever my eyes are filled with your image, 
My heart abandons its restless state.

I remember our first encounter, how beauty spoke to me.
The heat in that café was torrid, the windows opened to chaos.
I sat at breakfast, sipping my tea, watching the fading images
When you rustled in from the busy streets and scourging sun.
Your body carried that familiar smell of outside
And a warm feeling came over me.
I was reminded of a long-forgotten childhood,
Playing in the swaying wheat field, 
Stealing melons from the neighbor’s patch.
Our eyes met and I knew.

Before there was you, there was another.
Someone whose love was a wretched thing.
Oh, how easily the heart is blinded
And the mind is fooled.
Yes, that encounter left me empty, so empty
I shut out the trees and saw only a gray sky,
I saw no beauty in the sunset, no promise in the sun’s rising.
I longed for the evening, and even more for evening’s end.
Then self-pity grew into anger and anger into fear.
I was afraid to trust and afraid to want,
Afraid to feel and afraid to not,
Afraid to live and afraid to die,
Afraid to shutdown and afraid to cry.
Afraid of the hour and of the hour’s end,
Afraid of the dust, afraid of the wind,
Afraid of the trees, afraid of the ocean,
Afraid of the sky, afraid of the evening,
Afraid of the sunset and of the sun’s rising.
Afraid of nothing and afraid of everything.

Then I saw you and beauty spoke to me.