Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Why is Tasha Making Me Look Bad?

Don't you just hate those people who make you look bad without even trying? They are just going on about their lives, being inspired, but it only makes you take a good, long look at yourself. It makes you reflective and ask the questions--"What am I doing? What have I been doing with my own life?" After the reflection comes a bit of annoyance. You're now asking yourself: "Why is Tasha making me look bad?" Tasha is no one in particular or maybe she is. Maybe she represents all those people who are inadventently making you look bad by being so clever and witty and inventive and creative in their own lives while you are doing gawd-knows-what with your own. Well, newsflash--Tasha, take it some place else!

When that day comes when you're not looking so good, here's hoping someone doesn't come along and rub it in your face!

Disclaimer: This is all in good fun. I was inspired to be a bit naughty. I have no beefs or grips with anyone, least of all Tasha (whoever she is--wink, wink).

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