Thursday, December 31, 2009

Never Kiss and Tell?

What if that's easier to say than do? What if you're bursting at the seams to spill it, whatever "it" is? Honestly, who pens these cliches? Seriously! If you go around kissing, at some point you're gonna wanna tell it. Am I not right about this? Am I not? I suppose I should just stick to a less controversial topic, something safer and wish all of you out there in that great virtual oasis a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here's hoping in 2010 that even when your path isn't all that clear, you still make it to your destination. And if you must kiss, then find at least one person, someone you trust, to tell (smiles).

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Since When Does Blogging Become a Job?

Okay, since when does blogging become like this full-time J O B? Now, I've got people (who shall remain nameless) tweeting me about my blog, uh, I'm not blogging enough! Huh? I suppose it's a compliment that my posts are enjoyed so much that they are in demand or something, but seriously, I've got like a day job and other stuff and blogging, well, blogging finds itself somewhere at the bottom of the stack. Still, for those demanding few, here ya go!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Speed Painting: Moby Dick

My latest in speed paintings. Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Marvin, the Giant Ant

I put together this little animation using Windows Movie Maker. The character was originally hand-sketched then scanned into the computer and touched up using MS Paint. Frames were rendered using MS Paint as well. Just a fun little project using simple tools.

Why is Tasha Making Me Look Bad?

Don't you just hate those people who make you look bad without even trying? They are just going on about their lives, being inspired, but it only makes you take a good, long look at yourself. It makes you reflective and ask the questions--"What am I doing? What have I been doing with my own life?" After the reflection comes a bit of annoyance. You're now asking yourself: "Why is Tasha making me look bad?" Tasha is no one in particular or maybe she is. Maybe she represents all those people who are inadventently making you look bad by being so clever and witty and inventive and creative in their own lives while you are doing gawd-knows-what with your own. Well, newsflash--Tasha, take it some place else!

When that day comes when you're not looking so good, here's hoping someone doesn't come along and rub it in your face!

Disclaimer: This is all in good fun. I was inspired to be a bit naughty. I have no beefs or grips with anyone, least of all Tasha (whoever she is--wink, wink).

Monday, November 23, 2009

I wish...

I wish I had more time...

to be better at the things I'm good at
and good at the things I'm not able to do.

Ever feel that way?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Video Excerpt from debut novel, Marti

Excerpt from Chapter 5 of Marti, my debut novel.

Preview Chapter 1 (use this same link if you wish to purchase copy)

Friday, November 13, 2009

M's Cafe

(From my poetry book, Wandering Places)

Single-level brownstone,
Flickering neon,
A shortage somewhere in the main line,
“That gives it character,” someone offers.
Gargantuan glass entry way for the
Larger-than-life night owls;
Big tippers, big spenders running up tabs
Into the next year, entitled to their own table,
Their names carved into the back of chairs;
Regulars, they have come to be known,
Receiving the special V.I.P. phone call
When some new act is in town.
It’s no exotico, but the music’s good.
Dimly lit booths are the perfect ambiance
For a sneaking glance or a lover’s dance.
Isn’t that what it’s all about--the romance?
Yeah, that’s exactly what it’s all about

—the romance…

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Trolley Ride...

I visited San Antonio, TX, a few years back and I took this great picture of a trolley. It gave me this great feeling of nostalgia, but I'm not sure why because I don't remember ever having ridden a trolley in my life or at least not having ridden one in years. There's just something about that trolley that makes me think of good things and simple pleasures. I think we all need to have those things in our lives that help us reflect on the good, especially with there being so much chaos in the world today. People are like that as well. We need to surround ourselves with people who lift us up and provide us with a great measure of support. And we need to find the things in our lives that inspire us, give us peace, keep us sane. For me, it's being creative. For you, it might be knitting or playing the oboe or chatting with friends.

We all should latch on to the "trolley moments" in life and cherish them...

Where Others Fear to Tread...

Never thought I'd tread this path myself, but I've found inspiration to try something completely different, something dealing with writing, but more with television/entertainment media of the sort. I'm not even at liberty to go into any detail because I don't even know how I'll pull this one off. I fear I'm way over my head, and that, in part, makes this an exciting adventure. Not knowing how makes this project all the more appealing. I love a challenge and this is quite the challenge. More to come when I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Right now I'm still carrying a flashlight...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Working on the Sequel...

In my head, the Marti series has three installments. The first is done, Marti, which I self-published last Jan (2008). The second, the sequel, Am I My Brother's Keeper?, I have begun. In fact, I've completed the first chapter and have a very good start on chapter 2, which I hope to wrap up soon. I've still not fleshed out the outline, but I do know the story I want to tell. It's a matter of finding the words to tell a compelling story. And as a writer, it's hard sometimes to get into a creative flow and it's easy when once you do, to stall again.

I do have some concerns about the third installment of the series. My concerns regard its initial plot, one that I'd developed years ago when I first began Marti. Now, that I've had time to think it over, lots of time, I'm not exactly sure if I still want to go in the direction that I had originally planned. Of course, my husband still likes where I planned to take the third book, and I still may do so. It's one of those things where I'll have to cross that bridge when I get to it. In the meantime, I continue to plow away at the sequel, and hope the words come to me.

Here's the Am I My Brother's Keeper? brief synopsis/summary:

The Marti saga picks up some four years later, where Marti and Leslie are seemingly perfectly content in wedded bliss until their personal desires lead them in two entirely different directions. Marti’s strong urge to enter the world of fatherhood is duped by Leslie’s desire to further her career as an educator. When the two’s colliding ambitions come to head, not only is their marriage left hanging in the balance, but an unexpected third-party enters the mix—Marti’s younger parole brother Donald—and poses even more threat, leaving Marti pondering the question: “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

This story unfolds as never before and demonstrates just how easily any marriage or relationship—even one held as seemingly perfect—can be rocked to its core when two people have different ideas about the future.