And They Say Parenting Changes Everything...

It's official, the writing gods are ready to revoke my membership into the creator's guild! No, seriously. It's been forever since I've taken pen to pad to create anything, even a footnote. Honestly, though, I've got a great excuse...well, excuse is poor choice of word. I've got a great reason, and it's called parenthood. My little one will be a year old in a week's time and she has completely taken over my life. I mean, they say that parenting changes everything, and they are right. Not that I don't miss crunching out the occasional novel or two or three. Not that I don't have a ton of ideas just bursting to be discovered or pages upon pages of handwritten story in desperate need of word processing. Trust me, I do...but my daughter has become my most valued creation, and that's never cliche!

So, the writing gods will just have to understand--the greatest creation is creation. Still, some day I'll return to my post as author, poet, storyteller, creative soul, but in the meantime, I'll just enjoy the rewards and vivid world of motherhood.  

Isn't she just precious!

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