PRing and Promoting

Okay, so, I wrote the thing...yeap, wrote it, publish it, now on to the hard part--getting it into the hands of everyone in the universe. Seriously, promoting is a tideous, sometimes stressful task. How do you get your name out there? How do you let the world know that you have this great piece of fiction waiting to be dog-eared and discussed at roundtables during monthly book club sessions, or even online? How do you get folks excited about your published work, excited enough to purchase copies for their entire family?

Novel writing isn't my day job, people, so I'll have to fit that, along with promoting the book, in when time permits. Family and friends have been great getting the word out and I really do appreciate that, but it will be an uphill battle, make no mistake.

Of course, once I get on the NYT Best Seller's List, then I think I may just break from all this promoting and take me a long, long vacation somewhere.

I'll keep you posted.


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